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What I do:

Produce art criticism and reviews of exhibitions, artists, go over articles and share pieces of my research. I am currently in the process of creating a holistic body of work of my investigation and my writing on the existential, cultural crisis WOC experience in the Diaspora. Patron’s have thus far helped me reach this goal, and if you subscribe the behind the scenes of this process, both in terms of literature and artistic production will be available to you. I am also now incorporated Afro-Indigenous subjectivity as a one of the core literature components of my content, so if this interests you, you’ve found the right place.

What you're donating to:
As a novice film-maker, I am still finding my style, but am dedicated to this new part of my art practice. Your support means that I can continue producing my own work. I can also travel and collaborate with Black/Latine performers and artists. Having already spoken with others and have developed some ideas, we are in the process of getting funding and your help would get us there faster!

If you want to donate to my practice this is the place! Thank you so much!

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