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Software engineer

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My main project is currently the Atlas toolkit (, a quick and easy way to add a graphical interface to any program, regardless of the language in which it is programmed. In particular, I am working on the use of the Atlas toolkit for writing modern exercises, that is, with a true graphical interface, instead of the usual text interface, to be used in programming tutorials.

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epeios 1 Actualizada esta semana

Free (AGPL) multi-platform software components.

atlas-python 45 Actualizada hace 1 mes

Easily add GUI to Python programs (also available for Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, and Ruby).

basics-exercises 1 Actualizada hace 5 meses

Modern programming exercises

atlas-node 1 Actualizada hace 6 meses

Easily add GUI to Node.js programs.

atlas-perl 1 Actualizada hace 1 año

Easily add GUI to Perl programs.

atlas-ruby 1 Actualizada hace 1 año

Easily add GUI to Ruby programs.

atlas-php 1 Actualizada hace 1 año

Easily write PHP programs with GUI.

atlas-java 0 Actualizada hace 1 año

Easily add GUI to Java programs.



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