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Greetings! It's me, Khay!

Hey guys and gals, welcome! My name is Khay~ (at least whenever I'm roaming the online world!) I've started translating the Japanese web novel Kuro no Maou recently, taking over the abandoned translation from Chapter 382 onward. I decided to get into translating as way to level-up my Japanese and English skills, with the excuse that I really wanted to continue reading the story of Kurono while allowing for others to read along with me.

I'm also translating Kuro no Maou to Spanish, just because I can...

Ziru, the owner of Ziru's Musings (the site where I host my translations) has never dropped a series he translates nor will ever do so as he feels that it is a translator's duty to see a translation through to the end. I wholeheartedly agree with him, and I plan to take the same compromise with Kuro no Maou.

Some friends and readers encouraged me to give this a go, so that readers could fund the translations of the best grim-dark isekai series out there directly. Agreeing that this was interesting decision, this page came into existence. With a guaranteed amount of income each month, I can focus on keeping a steady release of Kuro no Maou chapters for everyone to enjoy!

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