I make software for pizza

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What am I doing?

I'm developing websites, software and web apps. To continue working on those projects I need some support.

Why do I need money?

Most of the money I'll receive will go into licenses for future projects. The rest will be spent on my server and my domain.

Why the pizza?

It's a running gag.

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GameModeControl 1 Actualizada hace 7 meses

A powerful lightweight plugin, that helps you control the game modes of every player

LLC 0 Actualizada hace 2 años

LLC - Lightweight Laravel Clone is a PHP framework which was inspired by the Laravel Framework

PHPUBG 5 Actualizada hace 3 años

PHP wrapper for the PUBG Tracker API

FastTransmitterServer 0 Actualizada hace 4 años

A console application for hosting files for FastTransmitterClients

FastTransmitterClient 0 Actualizada hace 4 años

WebConsole-Server 1 Actualizada hace 4 años

A spigot plugin for the WebConsole

LoginLib 0 Actualizada hace 4 años

A php library that provides the background mechanics of a registration and login for your website

PHP-Minecraft-Rcon (fork) 0 Actualizada hace 3 años

Simple Rcon class for php.



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