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My advocacy when I was a child was just to help create a lasting peace.

...Maybe I finally grown to start with what I've been rooted for. I'll be forever thinking I'm just so little - all the more to improve, I guess...

Never forget/kill/hate/love/etc... It's just Courtesy (which probably compressed a love/hate)

I've you've ever wondered where I am. Just look at the Global Map. Maybe starting from +8GMT.

Check what it looks like... At least for me it seems like a sitting man (probably how you should talk to in front of your inner child)... looking towards the left side of the rest of any. Of course there's Hawaii... but maybe I'll try and chill there every once in a while.


Note: Oh and once you're convince to see it in the map. Uhm... let's just keep it between us. I'm still starting to be one of the top defenders... I just installed Salix OS... I like the leaf... reminds me of "rooted" errr of course plant something first? Let me lead by example (w/ no goal of leading... I hate the sound of leadership trampling down subordinates, lead with me - idk maybe lead from ourselves, hopefully that make more sense?!? Let's walk/run/do parkour (can't as of now though)... I'll promise to regain my health... So should you...

I almost forgot who I am... Only "Courtesy" & "Tune" kept me afloat... Why don't we send something "universally." Proud or Humble to be PWD (My parents don't want me to have that I.D. though, very much appreciated once I've discovered the priviledge of being anonymously working on my own.) I remember choosing this when I was a child. I did it on my own accord... forget everything and discover what truly matters... to have root access.

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