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El objetivo de STRP-MODULES es recibir EUR10.00 por semana.
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I would appreciate, if you guy's Donate for my hard work i provide you guy's for FREE ♥️

I spend alot of private Time in some Project's i build and sometimes it's also frustrating coding all these thing's! But i dont give up at anytime and work hard on most of my project to provide you guys the best android experience you ever haved!

So i hope some of you are willing to help no matter how much you want to Donate or support me and my work i don't force anyone but i would appreciate if some of you WILL give me the motivation continuing these Projects and keep them for FREE ♥️

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ZRAM Estrellas 57 Actualizada hace 3 meses

Android Magisk Module for extra zRAM

STRPxCODM Estrellas 7 Actualizada hace 2 años

SRC Estrellas 13 Actualizada hace 2 años

Simple Resolution Changer Module..

MPF Estrellas 5 Actualizada hace 2 años



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