Alejandro Akbal

El objetivo de VoidlessSeven7 es recibir 5,00 € por semana.

Presentación inglés

Hey, I'm Alejandro Akbal

I am a web developer that likes to create useful things, when I have the time

I have recently started working on this awesome Rule 34 App that lets you browse and search the most popular boorus, in an easy to use interface.

The best thing? It's completely free 💙️


You can join our Discord or follow us on Twitter!

The reason for this patreon

Since we are continuously growing, the servers are taking a hit from all the usage. I have explored various solutions to this but I cant evade reality, we need funding for the servers.

So I'm asking you, If you really like this project and would like to contribute, please donate, even one dollar helps!

If you would like to do a one time donation, you can donate to our Paypal.

Thank you for your time and support <3

Alejandro Akbal

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