I'm a game developer. I make games (and help making games) that are free for everyone.

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I am one of the main developers of Hedgewars and author of countless mods for Minetest, and even a few games for Minetest (most of them are, I have to admit, forks). I also contributed a large amount of tracks for Stunt Rally, most of them have made it into the official game. Over the years I also contributed various smaller things to other games.

When I'm not programming, I'm often helping translating libre games into German, including Xonotic, Widelands, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, 0 A.D., SuperTux, SuperTuxKart, FLARE and more. But of course, I'm also playing a lot of video games myself. ;)

I am currently not accepting donations on Liberapay due to private and technical reasons, but I have prepared this account for the future. You can feel free to pledge in the meantime.

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