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El objetivo de aoe2.nl es recibir 2,44 € por semana.


aoe2.nl is an Age of Empires 2 fansite. I'm are looking for donations to cover the costs and invest in development of the site. Check out the goals to see what my plans are for the site.

Goal 1: €1,38/w Hosting

This is the minimal goal I need to hit keep the site online.

  • Server €5/m (€1,15/w)
  • Domain name €12/y (€0,23/w)

Goal 2: €5,07/w Video hosting

With this goal I can take down.

  • Vimeo PRO €16/m (€3,69/w)

Goal 3: €6,22/w Matrix hosting

  • Server upgrade €5/m (€1,15/w)


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