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Hi, welcome to my Liberapay!

My name is Gabriel and I'm a Portuguese Dietitian/Nutritionist working in Madrid as a researcher in sports nutrition, whilst finishing my PhD in Health Sciences. Having always been very emotionally connected with cycling, practicing it myself and following many athletes as a nutritionist, I've decided to launch a podcast in early 2019 to try and marry science with practice in order to increase the knowledge in this area in an effort for organizations to recognize the importante of having a qualified Dietitian/Nutritionist in their ranks

And so... Fuel the Pedal was born!

The podcast is mainly aimed at cycling and endurance sports in general, with a usual twist touching on other areas such as eating disorders and social media trends that might be stalling the progress of knowledge in this area. Since Fuel the Pedal is a one man army and I need to cope it with my main job and personal life, I can only produce an episode once every 2-weeks. All the audio recording, audio-editing, launching and social media are done by me. Given this limitation, I've tried to focus in providing content with the highest quality posible from the very beginning and I was very fortunate to have a very good list on initial guests who were really kind in giving up some of their time to be on the podcast.

Fuel the Pedal started as a hobby but it has evolved to be a project where I put a lot time and passion. I absolutely love connecting with every guest that comes to the show and if this helps disseminate the knowledge and make it available to everyone, even better.

I'm here to ask for your support to face the cost associated with website and podcast hosting. With your help, we can support Fuel the Pedal to keep on providing high quality contents in this area, bringing the top experts experts on their respective fields.

Thank you for you support.

HOST: Gabriel Baltazar-Martins Language: English

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