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Life, living, and the pursuit of passion.

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I'm your average everyday Overlord and the founder of the unofficial organization movement of the Imperial Restorationists in the NA Conqueror's Blade server. A large part of what I do is based on the administration of everything, I manage the discord, help coordination and organization of the respective Legions, as well as advocate for our people and a better tomorrow.

My current state of affairs

As I'm currently unemployed and going through rehabilitation alongside the treatment for my allergic disorder and severe persistent asthma, I've set up this liberpay as a way for those of you willing to support my efforts both inside and outside of the Legion to do so. While I can't make promises for content right now, as every day has it's own pace as I fight with my current ailments, I can promise that your support will help keep me here and functional for both what we're working on now as a community, and what we'll progress towards in the future.

I'd like to thank you all for any and all support you give me, whether that be here or elsewhere, you all help me continuously look forwards to a better tomorrow!

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