Saverio Morelli

I'm an enthusiastic developer with a particular attention to privacy and open-source

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I'm a student at University of Trento, Italy. I'm a swimming instructor and Mozilla Rep volunteer too.

I don't just study, in fact in my spare time I work on some personal open-source projects (all published on GitHub), like "CV Project", "Sav PDF Viewer Pro" (Android apps), "Emoji", "Notefox"/"Notebird" (web browser add-ons) and many other projects.

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websites-notes Estrellas 25 Actualizada esta semana

Take notes on every website in a smart and simple way!

savmrl.it Estrellas 0 Actualizada hace 1 semana

The repo of the project "savmrl.it" -> an anonymous and free link shortener

emoji Estrellas 155 Actualizada hace 3 semanas

"Emoji" is a Firefox add-on where you can find emojis and copy them with a single click.

sav-pdf-viewer-pro Estrellas 91 Actualizada hace 3 semanas

The simplest PDF viewer. Safe (doesn't require permissions), lightweight (just 6,9MB) and modern.

all-currencies Estrellas 0 Actualizada hace 2 meses

Firefox Add-ons where you can find all currencies and copy thir symbol just with a single click.

savmrl.it-addon Estrellas 0 Actualizada hace 3 meses

An anonymous and free shortener link and redirect service.

accented-letters-addons Estrellas 1 Actualizada hace 4 meses

"Accented Letters" is a Firefox add-on. You can copy characters with a single click

word-of-the-day Estrellas 11 Actualizada hace 5 meses

Every day a new word to learn, copy and share!

limite Estrellas 6 Actualizada hace 6 meses

Limite - An add-on which permits you to have under control the time you spend on every website

common-voice-android Estrellas 107 Actualizada hace 1 año

Repository of "CV Project" app. It's an unofficial app for Mozilla Common Voice, which permits you to contribute to this project via your device.

mozita-l10n-addon Estrellas 0 Actualizada hace 3 años

Questo è il repository ufficiale dell'estensione Firefox realizzata appositamente per il gruppo L10n della comunità Mozilla Italia.

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