Benjamin Danon

Free – as in “free speech” – web developper and sysadmin

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I’m a (full stack) web developper since 2009 and a web servers sysadmin since 2011. I’m a member of the cooperative named Optéos (Lille, France) and I work in the coworking space named Le Lieu CommunThe Common Place in english – (Calais, France). More information on my professional activity : (french only)

By contributing very moderately to few free software in the past, with translation, bug reporting and bug fixing, I took much pleasure to participate to these projects, that was sometimes bigger than I can imagine, and to exchange a few words with people I will never meet in my life. Some examples of projects I have spent many hours of my time : Indefero (translation), Parcellite (translation), gedit (fixing), edith (fixing).

Projects I am currently contributing to : None! for too long :-( I will try to remedy very quickly my lack of contributions! (February 5, 2019)

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