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I write free software mainly in C/C++/C# with about 20 years of experience.

I maintain several projects and have received an award for a virtual world project that I maintain that puts focus on those with visual or audio impairments that traditional 3D or virtual reality worlds are not able to serve.

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radegast (bifurcación) Estrellas 62 Actualizada hace 3 meses

Lightweight client for connecting to Second Life and OpenSim based virtual worlds

XmlRpcCore (bifurcación) Estrellas 7 Actualizada hace 2 años

UniversalSpeech (bifurcación) Estrellas 0 Actualizada hace 3 años

UniversalSpeech library: make popular screen readers speak in your application, a fork in my typical fashion of changing more than canonical projects are comfortable accepting


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