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I have a home-made private cloud with some public services:

  • One stratum 1 and two stratum 2 NTP (clock synchronization over network) servers
    • the stratum 1 uses GPS for PPS (pulse per second)
    • listed in Asia/Taiwan zone of NTP pool project: all 3 servers in IPv6 and 2 servers in IPv4
    • contribute more than 1,000 requests per second (> 1Mbps)
  • Alqualonde* - a Diaspora* pod since 2012
    • IPv6 ready
    • TLS encrypted with Let's Encrypt certificate
    • DNSSEC and TLSA
    • with self-hosted e-mail notification
    • with chat enabled (XMPP server)
    • with Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/WordPress integreation
    • 20+ active users per month
    • >95% uptime (sorry for some NAS issues)
    • <7% error rate for federated requests process (most are from incompatible Hubzilla/Friendica)
    • live backup every 6 hours with replication to the second NAS

I design input methods for Taiwanese languages, based on :

  • Sim-sik ê Khí-pòo: Android
  • Bân-lâm-gú (ISO 639-3: nan): Pe̍h-ōe-jī and Tâi-lô input methods (KMFL, Keyman, and ibus-table)
  • Hak-kâ-fa (ISO 639-3: hak): Pha̍k-fa-sṳ input methods (KMFL, Keyman, and ibus-table)

See more detail in my website here. I also implement jQuery-based Khmer NiDA input method for Wikimedia.

I am a translator in Chinese, Taiwan (locale: zh-tw) for the following software projects:

  • Diaspora* the server software
  • dandelion*, an Android Diaspora* client
  • Bitcoin Core: Bitcoin reference implementation
  • Bitcoin Wallet: Bitcoin SPV node and wallet app for Android
  • GreenBits (GreenAddress): Bitcoin wallet app for Android with hardware wallet support
  • MultiBit HD (work in progress): a feature-rich Bitcoin wallet for desktop

I am also a amateur tofu maker. I use locally harvested, organic, non-GMO soybeans in order to support food independence in Taiwan.

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