Running costs of my flightgear mirror as well as to support my work on flightgear

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I want to cover my expenses of running a TerraSync and FGAddon mirror.

You can also support me for my past ongoing and future flightgear projects. Past: * Two osm2city worldbuilds * Autopush * A320 contributions * For providing my server to members of the community to run high workloads such has the autralian scenery generation Ongoing projects: * New livery system * Project open ortho * New runway textures * Airports for WS3.0 * Helping with development of WS3.0 * more... And in the future what ever tickles my interest and I wanna contribute to

NOTE: Due to the lack of a payment provider I trust, I currently can't receive any donations. If you wanna donate something outside if liberapay, you can do so by sending ETH to my wallet: 0x6b81Dd22598e2c6e5c22e80acCfEc44902eFb2Ed

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