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I am a privacy-concerned internet user. I love all projects related to Cryptocurrencies and also I love all projects that help having a free and privacy-friendly internet.

I developed KYCNOT.ME a website that lists privacy-respecting exchanges and services accepting Bitcoin and Monero and I'm maintaining it in my own free time.

Also, I'm working on my latest project called Yotter. Yotter is a platform where you can follow your favorite accounts from Youtube and Twitter without compromising your privacy. It is currently under development but it will soon be out of Beta.

A future project is developing CloakMe. A web-app where you can cloak your face on any photo from facial-recognition based on the Fawkes algorithm.

Other projects I developed are youtube-search-fork which is a Python library that allows you to get Youtube data without the need of using the Youtube API in an easy way.

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kycnot 75 Actualizada hace 6 meses

Don't get KYC'ed

CloakMe 40 Actualizada hace 1 año

User-friendly Fawkes algorithm.

Mnemonic-Seed-Bakcup 2 Actualizada hace 2 años

Free templates for mnemonic seeds backup

youtube_search-fork (fork) 5 Actualizada hace 2 años

Tool for searching for youtube videos to avoid using their heavily rate-limited API


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