Programming in shell, python and C11

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I want to become Site Reliability Engineer someday or operating system developer. Unfortunately i have issues with health and money, so i can't continue studying in BSUIR. I attended group 812601 in at 2018, moved to 912601 and decided to give up on this university after pandemic crisis in winter of 2021 (January). You can contact me in telegram.

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sh 1 Actualizada hace 4 semanas

Trying solve exercise 34 from Tanenbaum's book on modern operating systems.

hosts2zone 0 Actualizada hace 10 meses

Convert entries from /etc/hosts to unbound zone

tcpl 0 Actualizada hace 2 años

Solutions for «The C Programming Language» book.

cryptpad_ru 0 Actualizada hace 3 años

My config files and ansible playbook for deploy (bifurcación) 0 Actualizada hace 1 año

A website that helps me showing people why OpenBSD rocks


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