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HtmlMin 127 Actualizada hace 1 semana

:clamp: HtmlMin: HTML Compressor and Minifier via PHP

Arrayy 415 Actualizada hace 1 semana

🗃 Array manipulation library for PHP, called Arrayy!

simple-cache 26 Actualizada hace 2 meses

:zap: Simple Cache Abstraction Layer for PHP

email-check 39 Actualizada hace 2 meses

:envelope: E-Mail Address Validator (syntax, dns, trash, typo)

HtmlFormValidator 3 Actualizada hace 2 meses

:flashlight: HtmlFormValidator | HTML Form Validation via DOM Parsing

anti-xss 542 Actualizada hace 2 meses

㊙️ AntiXSS | Protection against Cross-site scripting (XSS) via PHP

simple-mysqli (fork) 39 Actualizada hace 3 semanas

:gem: Simple MySQLi Abstraction Layer + Doctrine/DBAL support

simple_html_dom (fork) 612 Actualizada hace 2 meses

📜 Modern Simple HTML DOM Parser for PHP

dotfiles (fork) 195 Actualizada hace 5 meses

:bookmark_tabs: .dotfiles for Bash (Linux) / ZSH (Linux) / Git Bash (Windows) / Cygwin (Windows) / Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Stringy (fork) 138 Actualizada hace 5 meses

:accept: Stringy - A PHP string manipulation library with multibyte support, performance optimized

session2db (fork) 27 Actualizada hace 1 año

:crown: Session2DB - A drop-in replacement for PHP's default session handler which stores session data in a MySQL database, providing both better performance and better security and protection against session fixation and session hijacking.


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